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    Affinity Accounting specializes in providing accounting services to individuals and small businesses. Our company has the knowledge, skill and experience to help you maintain complete, accurate and timely financial records, comply with regulatory requirements, prepare taxes and investigate fraud. Affinity Accounting is your financial compass.

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    We offer full-service bookkeeping services including collecting receipts, recording sales, paying bills, preparing purchase orders, monitoring receivables and payables, reconciling accounts and preparing financial statements.


    Our Certified Public Accountants provide services that include analyzing transactions and account balances, creating budgets, recording adjustments and preparing financial statements in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.


    Affinity Accounting provides assurance engagements such as compilations, reviews, audits and agreed-upon procedures. Depending on the level of assurance needed, you can select the type of examination that you need.



    We prepare all federal, state and local tax returns.

    Forensic Accounting

    Our company provides forensic and fraud investigation services. We have trained, certified and licensed professionals who are dedicated to uncovering fraud, waste and abuse.


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    Affinity Accounting is committed to delivering professional accounting and tax services that bring value.  

    We take time to identify your financial challenges and opportunities and create a comprehensive plan designed specifically for you. 

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    We offer custom solutions that are designed to fit both your budget and schedule. We pride ourselves on offering the highest level of quality and service available.  It’s our commitment to finding the right solution (no matter how long it takes) that separates us from the competition.

    No job is too big or too small for the professionals here at Your Company.  We pledge to make your project just as important no matter how complicated or extensive it is.

    We know that our customers have a lot of choices in the business marketplace and that is specifically why we strive each and every day to not just remember there is a choice but to maintain an appreciation of that choice by taking the extra step to do the unexpected and make a lasting impression on a job-by-job basis. That is why we succeed.

    Contact us for more information and a FREE estimate.

    Our Operators will provide fast and courteous assistance in answering any questions you have about our company or your needs.  If you prefer, you may also leave us a message and we’ll return your call within a 24-hour period.  You can also fill out our quick and easy contact form with a detailed description of what you need, just go to our Contact Page.

    Fees for Services

    We believe that you should get what you pay for. Our fees are based on the services provided and the time that it takes to perform those services.

    We understand that it is easier to manage your expenses if you can identify them. We will talk with you about the services that you are interested in and ask to review your existing accounting records, bank statements, loan statements and credit card statements. From the information provided, we will prepare an estimate of the time it will take to complete the service and the rate for the service. If the fee is acceptable, we will proceed.